ULTRA Chain Grab

Ultra Chain Grab

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Eliminate the stress of a loaded anchor chain on your windlass, and the creaking sound of an anchor chain on your bow roller. Ultra Chain Grab eliminates these concerns by transferring chain pressure from the windlass to the mooring cleat.

The Ultra Chain Grab is made of 316L stainless steel. Its spherical head hooks onto the anchor chain, and stays attached as the anchor chain is lowered into the sea. There is no need to lean over the pulpit to attach the chain grab…as with some of our competitors.

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Product Part Number Price
Size 6
(316 inch chain)
UC6 $68.00

Size 8
(14 and 516 inch chain)
UC8 $86.00

Size 10
(38 inch chain)
UA10 $104.00

Size 13
(12 inch chain)
UA13 $147.00

Size 16
(58 inch chain)
UA16 $209.00

Size 20
(1116 and 34 inch chain)
UA20 $270.00

Chain Grab
Dennis (California) 8/27/2010 4:46 PM
Just got back from a week & 1/2 on the hook throughout Californias Channel Islands, previously we used a chain hook which was difficult to put on and even more difficult to take off. This chain grab works great, easy on, easy off, yet securely holds my snubber in place with no worries about it ever slipping off. And the quality is fantastic I would recommend it as the ONLY way to grab your chain.