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Our bridle customers were so impressed with our hard-rubber snubbers that they asked us to offer them individually for use on dock lines. These are not your every-day rubber snubbers! The Ultra Snubber is durable, UV resistant, and it gives you many, many years of reliable shock-absorption from wind and wave action. Simply thread and wrap your anchor or dock line through the snubber, and you’re ready to go!

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Please select the Rubber Snubber you need below. Please feel free to contact us at 714-843-6964 x210 with any questions.
Product Part Number Price
SR2-6 - Size 2 for
12 inch nylon rope
SR2-6 $37.00

SR3-8 - Size 3 for
12 inch nylon rope
SR3-8 $43.00

SR4-10 - Size 4 for
916 inch nylon rope
SR4-10 $49.00

SR5-13 - Size 13 for
34 inch nylon rope
SR5-13 $74.00

SR6-16 - Size 6 for
78 inch nylon rope
SR6-16 $98.00

SR7-20 - Size 7 for
1-116 or 1-18 inch
nylon rope
SR7-20 $123.00

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