ULTRA Anchor Tensioner
Ultra Anchor Tensioner

  • Great way to firmly secure your anchor to your roller.
  • Highest quality materials: 316L stainless steel chain grab or hook; chrome-plated bronze turnbuckle; Amsteel loop
  • Three configurations are available: Ultra Anchor Tensioner Grab, Ultra Anchor Tensioner Hook, and the Ultra Anchor Tensioner Clip
  • The Grab configuration is available in three different lengths for three chain sizes, 5/16", 3/8", and 1/2"
  • The Hook configuration is available in long and short lengths
  • The Clip configuration will fit 5/16" or ⅜" chain sizes.
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Ultra Anchor TensionerUltra Anchor TensionerUltra Anchor Tensioner Ultra Anchor Tensioner
ULTRA Anchor Tensioner

The UAT provides a sleek method to easily secure your anchor in its roller assembly. No tools are required for installation. Simply slip the loop over your windlass or capstan drum or a cleat and connect the ULTRA Chain Grab to your chain, then tighten the turnbuckle to make your anchor secure. The UAT Hook configuration connects to a point near the head of the anchor, usually where you would connect a trip line. It installs just as easily and is used for situations where the amount of deck space is limited.

Standard Sizes

The ULTRA Anchor Tensioner Grab comes in three standard sizes based on chain size:
- UATG-8 for 5/16" inch chain
- UATG-10 for 3/8" inch chain
- UATG-13 for 7/16" or ½" inch chain

Overall lengths of the UATG measure 19-22", 21-25", and 23-27" respectively. The standard loop end will slip over a 4" to 6" diameter windlass lip.

Custom Configurations - Please Read

Some vessels may require a custom configuration of the ULTRA Anchor Tensioner (refer to diagram below). If the distance between the aft edge of your windlass drum and the last link of chain before the anchor connector (dimension A) is less than 18", a customized UAT Hook configuration may be required. Let us know the distance between the aft edge of your windlass and the anchor's foul bar or connection point (dimension B). We would then add an extension to the forward end of the ULTRA Anchor Tensioner with a stainless steel hook. With this configuration you simply place the loop end over your windlass and connect the hook to your anchor's foul bar or trip line connection point.

In order to accommodate any deck layout, the Ultra Anchor Tensioner Hook comes in short (UATH-S, 17-21") or long (UATH-L, 40-44" approximate overall adjustable length) configurations.

To ensure that the loop end of the ULTRA Anchor Tensioner fits over your windlass drum, please provide the drum's diameter if it exceeds 6". We will then size the loop to fit.

Please call us if you require custom dimensions.

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ULTRA Anchor Tensioner Diagram